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Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance Tips for College Students

  • If your student lives in a dorm, some personal possessions may be covered under a parents’ homeowners or renter’s insurance policies. Expensive items such as computers and other electronics may be subject to coverage limits under a standard homeowner’s policy, or may require a stand-alone policy.

  • If your student is living off-campus, purchase renter’s insurance. Renter's insurance is necessary to protect them and their belongings. It can also protect against liability in the event that someone accidentally gets injured on the property.

  • Create a list of items the student plans to bring to school, along with its estimated value. Be sure to note specific high-value items such as a computer, camera or musical instrument and keep or take pictures of receipts in order to document their retail value. Having an up-to-date inventory can help determine how much insurance to purchase. Also, it helps settle insurance claims faster in the event of theft, fire or other types of disasters.

Auto Insurance Tips

  • Coverage may depend on whether students leave home or stay in the area. If bringing a car to campus and remaining on a parents’ policy, coverage likely still applies. If attending an out-of-state school, make sure insurance coverage follows you.

  • Check with your insurance agent. To see what discounts you may qualify for, and to ensure you have adequate coverage while away at school, contact an Alabama ONE insurance agent.

Car Care at College

Make sure your child has a plan for proper vehicle maintenance, and review what to do when unexpected problems arise. Leaving for college means getting familiar with the added responsibility of caring for their own vehicle.

  • Check and maintain tires. They should check their tires at least once a month using a tire pressure gauge.

  • Maintenance schedule: .Regularly servicing the vehicle helps extend the life of the vehicle and helps mitigate repair cost.

  • Identify nearest repair shop. Find a trusted repair shop near the school.

  • Emergency roadside assistance for flat tires, dead batteries, fuel delivery, towing and other roadside services can be added to your insurance policy.

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